Tin is a soft silver-white metal that’s also very flexible. Due to this higher flexibility, tin can be molded and stretched in a wide variety of shapes, all the while remaining whole and without cracking.

What’s more, tin is also non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, and highly conductive.

Tin plating can thus be applied to several different materials like regular steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, and zinc die cast.

When you take all of these attributes and applications into account, it becomes clear why tin plating is very prevalent in industries like electronics, shipping, hardware, solar, and even food processing. Additionally, tin is also used by industrial manufacturers as it provides several significant benefits.

The Benefits of Tin Plating

  • Lower cost

Tin is very inexpensive when compared to other metals. Manufacturers will always opt for tin plating instead of different types of plating, as it’s equally valid, but for a fraction of the cost. Naturally, sometimes tin plating can be less effective than other forms of plating, but the difference is very minimal, which still makes tin plating the preferred method.

  • Quality shielding

Tin plating is often used as a useful measure against corrosion, oxidation, and erosion when exposed to the environment. Other metals, like copper, react insufficiently. A thin coat of tin prevents this and increases the overall life expectancy of the product. The same goes for many other materials.

  • Clean contact

Besides shielding other metals, tin coats also provide a good and clean contact surface that’s optimal for conducting electricity. That’s why tin plating is often used on conductors as it prevents oxidation which can reduce the level of conductivity they possess.

The Process of Bright Tin Plating

Proper tin plating provided by Aerospace Metals includes 99.5% of tin, and the results are a bright silver finish. The process achieves the same results as regular tin plating, but the finish is much shinier and thus more beneficial for decoration as well as its practical use.

This type of plating is most commonly used to provide excellent solderability and decent corrosion protection to all sorts of surfaces. It is very typical to use tin plating in a wide variety of industries ranging from the printed boards’ industry, through many aspects of the food industry, all the way for decorative purposes.

We at Aerospace Metals use Type I or electrodeposited tin due to its cost-effectiveness when used in tin plating. Additionally, as we previously said, the finish becomes much shinier, all due to the whitish-gray color that’s produced by tin electrodeposits. The process can also create a more brilliant and metallic look if that’s your preference.

Take a better look at all the types of plating we offer, one of which is bright tin plating. If you have any questions about the process we use, feel free to ask us, and we’ll happily answer all of your questions and offer the explanation you seek. You can reach us through our site, by calling us at 800.398.0790, or by emailing us at info@aerospacemetalsllc.com.