For this month’s article, I’m planning on letting images of our operation do the narrative. Bright Dip Anodizing is a chemical process used to achieve a shiny, mirror-like finish similar in appearance to mechanical polishing. This method of metal treatment is used on aluminum to not only improve aesthetics but also increase the lifespan of the treated aluminum part. 

Because Bright Dip Anodizing produces parts in a wide selection of different colors, it’s typically used to cosmetically enhance products like automotive and machined parts, window frames, extrusions, appliances, architectural trim, light reflectors, and the list of options goes on.

Bright Dip Anodizing requires two continuous processes:

  1. A process known as “Bright Dipping” is the electro-brightening treatment that gives aluminum a glossy, high luster appearance;
  2. While anodizing is the process that adds additional protection from scratching, fading and most importantly, corrosion.

Bright Dipping is a solution of phosphoric and nitric acid that smoothens microscopic roughness, literally changing the texture of the surface. Often, additives are introduced to the blend to enhance its brightening ability and reduce nitrogen oxide fumes. 

Because this process smooths out the tiniest irregularities on the surface and levels the smallest of peaks and valleys on aluminum surfaces, the post-treated metal results in an enhanced, highly reflective sheen.

The anodizing process involves immersing the aluminum component into an acid electrolyte bath with a cathode. A protective oxide layer forms on the surface of the treated part(s) by passing an electrical current through the acid bath. The added oxide layer gives anodized aluminum a longer lifespan than untreated or non-anodized aluminum.

The top benefits of Bright Dip Anodizing are:

  • Provides a high luster finish, without buffing on selected alloys
  • Provides an oil-free surface
  • Can be either piece or batch run

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