If you want to maximize corrosion resistance while achieving a mirror-like shine on your precision machined parts or standard profiles, then Bright Dip Anodizing is an excellent option. This type of finish is ideal for use in many cosmetic applications. The Type II Anodize finish also provides good corrosion and wear resistance, plus the aluminum anodizing process offers you many choices for your metal finishing application, including a selection of vibrant colors.

The bright dip aluminum procedure has commonly been used as a pretreatment for anodizing to enhance the aesthetic qualities of a part. Referred to as bright dip anodizing, the aluminum goes through the anodizing process to prevent corrosion, scratching, or fading on the alloy.

There are several ideal Bright Dip Aluminum Alloys that are most suitable for bright dipping. In general, 5000 and 6000 series aluminums will produce higher lusters than 2000 and 7000 series mainly because they are harder tempered.

Why Bright Dip Anodizing is a Smart Choice

The degree of brightness depends on the type of alloy as well as the part’s surface finish. The harder tempered alloys produce higher lusters.

The following aluminum alloys are most suitable for bright dipping:

5357    7016 and 7029

5457    Thickness: .0001-.0007”

5557    100-700 uin.

6063    Max Part Size: 152” x 52” x 28”


While many shops offer anodizing services, not all have Bright Dip provisions because of the complex processes involved. In order to process bright dip anodizing correctly, you need a solution of phosphoric-nitric acid operating at over 200 °F. This needs to be contained in a double walled type 316L SST tank. Ventilation is critical to this process. The solution emits large amounts of mustard-colored noxious nitric oxides not only from the bright dip tank, but through the rinse tank as well. This process requires a garage-type exhaust system as opposed to lip exhaust. NOx fumes are difficult to scrub during bright dipping because they are soluble. Rocker type agitation is required. There is also a bit of skill necessary in racking and agitating the parts so there are no spots where gases accumulate, which could result in poor brightening.

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