Zinc Plating is an extensively used coating primarily for the corrosion protection it provides for steel parts and products. Zinc plating is also known in the industry as galvanization and it provides an exceptional base for painting. It is often used for stamping, fasteners, and components of automobiles.  

Zinc is commonly found in a chromated condition that varies in color from clear to blue bright, yellow iridescent, and black.  Yellow chromates provide for effective corrosion resistance which reaches 96 hours of neutral salt spray to white corrosion. The new formulation of clear, trivalent chromates performs equally effective as well. The older generation of clear chromates can be expected to adhere to 12 hours of salt spray resistance before white corrosion occurs. Red rust remains a function of thickness throughout this process.

In addition to our rack systems, Aerospace Metals also offers barrel plating, which is a form of electroplating used for plating a significant volume of smaller metal objects in one process. As the name suggests, barrel plating involves placing small components and parts inside a barrel shaped cage that is manufactured from non-conductive material prior to being submerged into the chemical bath in which they become plated.

Aerospace Metals currently serves many customers in the Hydraulic & Automotive industries, providing plated parts for agriculture, snow plows, lifts, and more. We have two high speed rack zinc lines and each line has 90 stations that can hold up to 50 parts per rack or 4500 parts per line.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are choosing different techniques to adjust to the changing regional market conditions to recover from the pandemic. For example, European customers continue to emphasize quality plating services that place a high priority on value, while several Asian Pacific markets are moving away from producing critical items. This makes local plating operations a clear preference for many American manufacturers due to the ongoing logistics problems and high cost of transportation.

Aerospace Metals is set up for high volume. In fact, we processed over 100 million parts in 2021 alone!. We have capacity and we are looking for work in our centrally located and state-of-the-art facilities in Cicero, IL!

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