Aerospace Metals offers both  Fabrication and CNC machining.  In conjunction with LMI Aerospace, we now can offer the ability to manufacture and finish multiple alloys.

Sheet Metal Fabrication:

Aerospace Metals delivers a broad range of sheet metal fabrication capabilities. This ranges from a single piece component to complex numerous-quantity orders. Our capabilities entail everything from tooling to engineering. We can bend, stretch, draw and stamp a multitude of materials such as aluminum alloys, stainless steel, titanium, hastelloy and other materials. To fabricate sheet-metal components, our fabrication experts utilize the water jet, break press, hot forming, cold forming and hydro-forming. Contrary to most suppliers, we have the in-house machinery to stretch large pieces of aluminum up to 40 feet long. This empowers us to create large fuselage skins. Additionally, we have the capabilities to form moveable leading edges. 

Raw Materials Involved:

Plate Metals: Used by fabricators to shape the pieces they are working with allowing a better range of capabilities

Fittings: Often necessary for the completion and construction of pieces

Castings: Often used to add visual interest to the fabrication. Having castings available can help speed the creativity process

Formed and Expanded Metal: Grate-like metal that allows moisture to flow off – ideal for outdoor furniture

Sectional Metal:  L beams, Z shapes, bar metal, rod metal

Flat Metal: Great for fabrication and can be added to pieces for visual interest and texture, also ideal for creating shapes

Welding Wire: Critical to keep various thicknesses and types of welding wire so that pieces can come together 


Aerospace Metals also has machining capabilities ranging from simple 2-axis turning to complex 5-axis milling. We utilize the latest, most technologically advanced tools, cutting techniques, and machining processes. Expeditious machining pallet systems, robotics, lean manufacturing methods and inspection provide our customers with the lowest possible cost.  State of the art machining, CNC controls, programming tools and highly qualified operators ensure that the machined products we deliver meet the required specifications and exceed our customers expectations every step of the way.

New Technologies

Aerospace Metals invests in the latest emerging technologies to enhance performance, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Our most recent innovations include:

Utilizing Stronger Metals: Greater use of hard metals (for example titanium which is lighter than aluminum and significantly stronger)

Operating at Higher Speeds: We invest in the newest equipment to allow us to achieve higher speeds. This gives us the ability to make parts and more complex products quicker and more efficiently. 

Development of new methods: Proprietary methods to machine composites that are essential for aerospace and defense components 

More efficient production: New machinery that requires only one block of sheet metal to produce the same part that previously required 50 sheets

Aerospace Metals has been proudly serving customers of both Fabrication and CNC Machining since 2012. Now that you are aware of both processes and the benefits each entails, please contact us if you are interested in having your parts fabricated or machined at Feel free to also give us a call to further discuss our capabilities today! 800.398.0790.