Chemical Agent Resistant Coating, otherwise known as C.A.R.C, is a matte-finish type of painting. This resistant coating is a near–indestructible automotive grade polyurethane. It is an engineered product deriving from the reaction of pretreatments, primers, and top-coats combined. The chemical agent resistant coating provides an aesthetically pleasing finish in addition to highly durable, weather resistant, corrosion resistant, and fade resistant caliber.

There are three types of coatings in the C.A.R.C. system. These include an epoxy polyamide primer, an aliphatic polyurethane paint, and epoxy polyamide enamel. Each of these coatings are supplied as a two-component system. When combined, a terminal reaction begins creating an impermeable coating.

C.A.R.C coating is widely used in the military industry due to its ability to resist the absorption of chemical warfare agents. This specific type of coating allows decontamination of military equipment in a safer and more effortless manner.

C.A.R.C. coatings are frequently used to coat land defense vehicles. This finish is also used to coat equipment for the occasional military aircraft due to its chemical composition that deviates toxic and biological agents from permeating the surface of military equipment as well as other military vehicles. Industries utilize C.A.R.C. coatings to reach higher levels of performance, durability, as well as survivability.

Applying C.A.R.C. coating is a four step process. First, we thoroughly clean the surface being painted. This allows for the greatest surface area for the coating to bond to and for the cleanest bond possible. Secondly, this surface must go through the pretreatment process to prepare itself for the paint application. Following the pretreatment, a primer is then applied to ensure maximum adhesion with the surface which allows maximum protection to the piece of equipment. Lastly, the surface is painted with the specific C.A.R.C. paint. An epoxy base is utilized for interiors and a polyurethane topcoat is utilized for exteriors. Aerospace Metals offers C.A.R.C paint in green, tan, and black.

The C.A.R.C. painting process can be complicated, so selecting a vendor is very important. Aerospace Metals is proud to serve its customers with top quality C.A.R.C. painting knowledge, experience, and finished product. Visit our website at High-Quality Metal Finishing Services – Aerospace Metals ( to get a free, no obligation quote today!