We are thrilled to share some exciting updates this month at Aerospace Metals. We have expanded our capabilities, introduced new processes, and strengthened our partnership with Sonaca Group, a renowned leader in metal finishing. With these developments, we can now offer an enhanced range of services to our valued clients.

One of our notable additions is the implementation of chemical milling, also known as industrial etching. This subtractive manufacturing process utilizes temperature-regulated etching chemicals to precisely remove material and create intricate features such as channels and pockets. Chemical milling enables us to produce complex and highly accurate precision components for various metal types.

Aerospace Metals will offer increased capacity for chemical milling, along with the following services:

Bright dip anodizing

Hardcoat anodizing


Chem film

Plating processes: cadmium, copper, nickel, zinc, zinc nickel, chrome, black chrome, high and mis foss electroless nickel, silver, gold, tin, bright dip on brass, and paint

3D printing for tooling and associated hardware fabrication

Additional chemical processing lines (8-ft and 12-ft)

Nondestructive testing services (penetrant inspection, magnetic particle, and hardness testing)

Conductivity testing services

A full-service organic coating department featuring multiple paint booths and highly skilled painters

Our organic coating department specializes in applying various coatings, including primers, topcoats, Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC), Teflon coating, fuel tank coating, Sol-Gel for Cres and Titanium Alloys, and dry film lubricants. Our masking and coating departments work closely together to provide exceptional service, utilizing Catia-based masking instructions and innovative conveyance systems to achieve precise masking schemes.

In terms of metal finishing processes, we now offer a wide range of options, including alkaline cleaning, pre-penetrant etching for aluminum and titanium, different types of anodizing, and conversion coating.

With over 30 years of award-winning experience, Sonaca Group serves 6 countries, operates out of 19 manufacturing facilities, and has 4 engineering offices. Aerospace Metals has been working hand in hand with Sonaca to provide excellent service to our clients all over the U.S. and consistently exceed expectations. 

These enhancements enable us to serve our existing clients at an even higher level and accommodate new customers or increased orders with improved efficiency and accuracy. We invite you to learn more about our operations, products, and services by visiting our website at High-Quality Metal Finishing Services – Aerospace Metals (aerospacemetalsllc.com) or contacting Paul Fredericks and his team at (800) 398-0790 for a free quote. We would also be delighted to arrange a tour for you to see our facilities firsthand.